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The Sion Method

The CREALP and the Swiss Geological Survey developed in close collaboration a geological data model and the related methodology and tools for implementing the maps sheets of the Swiss Geological Atlas in digital format using GIS. This new approach was tested and is being used within the framework of the edition of geological map of Sion (Valais). This method addresses a number of issues, as:

  • GIS built in first, printed map as a derived product
  • Accurate and exhaustive description of geological data
  • Distribution of spatial features in different layers according to their geological significance.
  • Development of an efficient method for geometrical construction in order, for example, to solve problem related to superposition of objects dispatched in multiple layers.
  • Implementation of spatial and tabular models offering powerful capabilities of analysis (spatial and aspatial).

Other informations

  • French article Published in the "Geomatique Expert" journal (2006)
  • SION method On-line description of the SION method (French)
  • English article Abstract created for the 5th European Congress on Regional Geoscientific Cartography and Information System (2006)